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Automated Liquid Extraction System


This custom automated system places a tube of blood or urine into one of the capper stations, where the cap is removed ready for fluid transfer. A second empty tube is placed by the system into a second capper unit. A disposable pipette is loaded automatically based on sample transfer size and blood or urine is transferred from the full sample to the empty tube; the pipette is then ejected into a waste chute.

The new sample tube is then transferred to the dispense station where one or more of 4 Tecan syringe units dispenses a user specified amount of solvent or reagent to the sample. The sample then has the cap replaced before being loaded to the Vortexer station where it is agitated for a specified amount of time.

Once mixed the sample is then spun in the centrifuge at 9000rpm for a user-specified amount of time before being placed into an output rack. All aspirating and dispensing is performed volumetrically and all analysis of the sample is carried out once they leave the system.


The key features:
  • Pipetting

Use of disposable 1ml and 5ml pipettes to transfer samples

  • Capping

Automated removal and replacing of several sizes of caps

  • Dispensing

Automated dispensing of multiple solvents and reagents

  • Agitation

Automated agitation of 6 vials at a time in a Labman vortexer with user selected speed and time parameters

  • Centrifugation

Automated centrifuging of samples with integrated opening and indexing mechanisms for fully automated loading

  • Aliquoting

Transferring prepared samples into output tubes ready for analysis

  • Chilling

Chilled well to maintain a constant